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Heli Hog Hunting Bachelor Party

Who's it for
Those that want to embrace a texas tradition and their inner “Rogan” while experiencing the backcountry.
Who's it not for
Peta people, Californians, the faint of heart, or those that want a luxurious daytime activity.
Why it's great
Great opportunity for male bonding and first timers who want to experience hunting hogs while not committing to an entire camping weekend. Hog hunting can accommodate all skill levels and groups up to 30ppl.


Heli Hog Hunting Bachelor Party

Hog hunting is great because it's an outdoor rugged activity fun for the entire group that will give you guys a break from the repetition of beer chugging and lap dances (if one can ever get tired of that). Best of all you can explain to your vegan gf that you’re helping control the feral hog epidemic and helping to feed the needy. Each hunt is fully customizable to your skill level and wants. From simple hog hunting from a blind (a grownups tree house) to long over night hunts. Hunting excursions can include an overnight stay and meals if you want to escape the city and bond by camperire


Want a Crazier hunting experience?

How about shooting hogs with machine guns from Helicopters???

Yes, that is right, you and 2-3 of your friends can cruise around the backcountry in a helicopter expressing the true power of the second amendment.  Keep in mind that freedom isn't free as these once in a lifetime shoots start at $2k per person (you don’t want to cheap out on your machine guns and aviation…)

The Experiences

We’ll help you create a one of a kind experience, ranging from crazy to outlandish. If you can dream it, we can achieve it.

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