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Bachelor Party Lake Travis Boat Party

Who's it for
Those that want the best day party scene in Austin.
Who's it not for
Groups on a tight budget, or groups that want to save your energy for the nightlife.
Why it's great
Sunscreen, Beer Bong, Lake, Boat, Water, nothing better than tying up some boats in Devils cove and making a spring/summer day unbelievable.


Bachelor Party Lake Travis Boat Party

Vegas has it’s pool parties, Austin has Lake travis. This is a full day event that will cripple most of the members of your party. Instead of Djs, Tables and bottle service by the pool, this is an orgy of party boats tied up in rows reminiscent of t The lake is full of party boats docking together(the good kind of docking Part mardi gras, part girls gone wild, part wet republic Southern culture puts a big emphasis on When it comes to Lake Travis its sink or swim. How to do it: this is where a logistics team is essential, there are a lot of moving parts to produce a memorable day, and if you don’t follow the guidelines, a great day can turn horrible While lake travis is THE party and THE Austin experience, you need to make sure you’re set for the high seas. You need to make sure that your properly stocked and set up because we’ve seen countless parties who thought they can do it on their own but ended up sinking their day We take of all the details and necessary arrangements, all the booze, food, girls you’ll need to be the big fish in a small pond.


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